A Rose Between Two Thorns

Old-Times Music performed on Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle and Guitar

A Rose Between Two Thorns

A Rose Between Two Thorns

Price: $15

16 old-time reels, waltzes and hornpipes!

A Rose Between Two Thorns is a great collection of lively, old-time stringband tunes! You'll love these 16 reels, waltzes, and hornpipes. There's even a ragtime tune!

Originally recorded back in 1988, A Rose Between Two Thorns has only been available in cassette form until now! It's finally available on CD for the first time!

With Kendra on hammered dulcimer and Mike Allen on fiddle, those two instruments are the real stars of this recording. But Bob's solid rhythm guitar playing keeps everything moving right along. And don't forget the two special guests! Vera Frazier adds some inspired mountain dulcimer on three tracks, and John Sherman steps out of the control room to contribute a beautiful harmony fiddle part to Sheebeg Sheemore!

Click the green arrow after the title of each track to play the tune!

  1. Cincinnati Hornpipe ... (2:15)
  2. Sandy River Belle ... (2:30)
  3. Fisher's Hornpipe ... (2:30)
  4. Sheebeg Sheemore ... (3:27)
  5. Constitution Hornpipe ... (2:24)
  6. 12th Street Rag ... (2:10)
  7. Liberty/Drowsey Maggie ... (2:54)
  8. Woodchopper's Reel ... (3:00)
  9. 28th of January ... (2:24)
  10. Goin' Down Upcreek ... (2:04)
  11. Staten Island Hornpipe ... (2:57)
  12. The Shepherd's Wife ... (2:33)
  13. Saint Anne's Reel ... (2:19)
  14. Mississippi Sawyer/Soldier's Joy ... (3:29)