Mountain Dulcimer Basics

Become a Traditional Dulcimer Master!

Mountain Dulcimer Basics

Mountain Dulcimer Basics

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Learn everything you need to play and sing with your mountain dulcimer!

Kendra Ward has long been widely regarded as one of the nation’s finest dulcimer players and teachers. Her style traces its roots back through her family for over a century, and Kendra is one of a handful of “traditional style” players remaining in the world.

Following in the footsteps of her father and grandmother, she learned directly from some of the original masters. In this video, Kendra clearly shows you the fundamentals you need to become an accomplished player!

Learning to play the mountain dulcimer is easy as you follow these simple step-by -step lessons:

  • Defining Mountain Dulcimer Basics
  • Getting In Tune
  • Playing With A Noter & Pick
  • Learning Melodies
  • Fingering Easy Chords


All of these topics have been carefully selected to give you the information you need to start playing dulcimer in the traditional style! Mountain Dulcimer Basics is the only beginning lesson you'll ever need!