Hammered Dulcimer Basics

Learn the Hammered Dulcimer Fast!

Hammered Dulcimer Basics

Hammered Dulcimer Basics

Price: $20

All the lessons you need to quickly advance from a novice to an accomplished player!

If you have ever wanted to learn to play the hammered dulcimer, this DVD is for you! In this 60-minute video lesson, Kendra clearly teaches you the fundamentals you need to get started the right way! You'llbecome an accomplished dulcimer player in no time!

Learning the dulcimer is easy as you follow these simple step-by -step lessons:

  • Playing Scales
  • Locating Notes That Are The Same
  • Learning Melodies
  • Adding Simple Harmony
  • Using "Guitar" Chord Harmony

All of these topics have been carefully selected to give you the information you need to start playing in whatever style you like! Hammered Dulcimer Basics is the only beginning lesson you'll ever need!