The HD Handbook - Book 1

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The Hammered Dulcimer Handbook

The Hammered Dulcimer Handbook

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Called "the best book for beginning players!" A complete instruction method for new players!

Recognized as "the best Hammered Dulcimer book for beginning players!" The Hammered Dulcimer Handbook, Book I includes: Tips on Playing, Scales, Basic Melodies, Harmony Notes, and much more. Each lesson builds on the lessons that preceed it, and makes it easy to master the fundamentals of playing this great instrument!

Knowing how to read music is not necessary! Kendra has developed a totally unique tablature system that actually helps new players learn to read standard musical notation! It's a real breathrough!

Including the "Repertoire" section, The Hammered Dulcimer Handbook, Book I includes 40 arrangements written in standard musical notation and in Kendra's unique TAB system.

The Hammered Dulcimer Handbook, Book I also includes a companion CD containing all of the scales, exercises and other musical instructional material! So whether you learn best by reading the standard notation, following the TAB, or by ear, we've got you covered!

Begin a lifetime of musical enjoyment by mastering the hammered dulcimer with the help of The Hammered Dulcimer Handbook, Book I

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