Let's Jam!

"The Ultimate Jam Session Resource!"

Let's Jam! Volume 1

Let's Jam! Volume 1

Price: $12

Melody lines and chord charts for 70 classic jam session favorites! The ultimate jam session resource!

Let's Jam is the ultimate jam session resource! Kendra Ward and Bob Bence have compiled 70 classic jam session favorites into one easy-to-carry volume! Each tune is presented in two distinctly different, user-friendly formats.

First, a basic chord/rhythm chart appears on the left side of each page. Use this to play the chord progression, play arpeggios, improvise a harmony part or play a counter melody!

Next, a simple unembellished melody line for the same tune appears on the right side of the page. This basic melody quickly gets right to the essence of the tune, virtually begging each player to add their own individual harmonies and embellishments.

The "blank canvas" version of each melody makes Let's Jam

Let's Jam is the perfect resource for players of all instruments! Get your copy today and join the fun!

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