Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet

Find the 4 most important chords in all the important keys!

Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet

Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet

Price: $5

Learn to play the most important chords in all the important keys on your guitar! (For standard tuning.)

The Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet shows you how to play all the basic chords in all the most important keys! It is organized by key, with the four most important chords you need to jam along in that key. At a glance you will quickly see the I, IV, V, and relative minor chords for each key on the chart!

TheĀ Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet is double-sided for convenience, printed in color for easy readibility,and enclosed in industry-standard lamination for durability and long life! It is even pre-punched for handy storage in a 3-ring binder!

And it's not just for guitar players! Many novice and intermediate level jammers who play other instruments have learned the sneaky little trick of watching the guitar players to see when the chord changes! Just pick up your copy of The Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet and you'll be able to recognize what chord the guitarist is playing and play that same chord on your instrument!

So if you love to jam, then you'll love The Guitar Chord Cheat Sheet!