Uh Oh! We've lost your email addresses!

Uh Oh! We've lost your email addresses!

That's kind of a scary headline! No, we haven't been hacked, and your email info hasn't been compromised!

Those of you that visit here regularly probably remember that we had a little problem with our web server during the Christmas holidays. Basically, our entire site was down, and needed to be rebuilt virtually from scratch. As a result, this website was offline for a couple of weeks while we scrambled around trying to patch things back up.

Thankfully, we were able to put things back together, and we've been humming happily along for several weeks now. Until today that is! We have just realized that the crash also killed our email list! So now it's time to ask you for a favor: we need your help to rebuild our email list! Please take just a minute and enter your email information into the little box over on the right (It's underneath the "Featured Video") and click the "Sign Up" button. Or you can just click here! It's that easy and it will really help us out!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we will never ever sell, or otherwise share, your email information! Spam just isn't cool, and we don't want any part of that! And to make things even more secure, we've partnered with MailChimp to help us manage our email list. These guys are total pros and they make subscribing, unsubscribing and managing your subscription super easy!

 So, go ahead and sign up! We look forward to keeping in touch!